Stian Ådlandsvik

Turnover Volvo
2008, Mounted and framed C-print, 50cm x 70cm
7000 NOK / 1288 USD* / 893 EUR*

12 + AP

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The piece Stian Ådlandsvik contributes to Kalender2008 is an image of Volvo's jubilation-model from 1979, a Volvo 262 Coupé, which the artist has cut up and shaped so it represents the graph for Volvo AB's yearly surplus from 1987 to 2005.

Volvo-models from 1979 are a returning subject matter i Ådlandscik's woek, and refer to an agreement which was suggested between Norwegian Statoil and Swedish Volvo that same year. The agreement would have awarded Norway a 40% ownership of Volvo in return for a 2% Swedish ownership of one specific - and until then unexplored - oil-field in the North Sea. The agreement was finally rejected by the Volvo shareholders for reasons unknown. It stands, however, as the nearest Norway has come to an automotive industry of it's own.